SpeedMarshal system

This video shows all the functions of the SpeedMarshal system.

F3 euro Series – Start Line Crash

This clip shows a horrific start line crash incident in a 2018 F3 race at the Norisring. Our system may have prevented this from happening as the rear of the car would have been flashing yellow.

SpeedMarshal in action

Here is another onboard video where you can see the cars ahead have also acknowledged the Code-60 flag and are adhering to the speed limit as indicated by the rear mounted yellow light.

SpeedMarshal in action

This onboard video shows a driver acknowledging the waved Code-60 flag by activating his SpeedMarshal and then controlling his speed to 60Km/h by observing the coloured LEDs.

Breakdown or Slow moving vehicle

This clip shows a car in a FunCup race slowing off the racing line, if this car was using SpeedMarshal then the rear light would be flashing yellow to warn the car behind there is a problem. The car behind does not realise the car is moving slowly, and has a huge impact.

How it works